This Flemish Manifesto is addressed to all Flemish and also French-speaking compatriots. The manifesto is a plea for the corporatisation of the Belgian regions and communities. All regions, including Brussels in which the Flemish and French communities retain their powers and extend them to health care. The Flemish Manifesto sets out all the arguments and facts, economic, financial and political, to reach a conclusion and explains why within federal Belgium, as it currently exists, a democratic and efficient policy is impossible.



The views between north and south in this country are miles apart. Whether it is about politics, culture, the role of government, private sector input, welfare and prosperity. On all these points, Flanders and Wallonia think differently. We start from this observation to analyse and remedy the situation.

An impossible task

It is not easy to reconcile water and fire. It usually ends with a hisser. The contradictions in Belgium create a democratic deficit and unsustainable finances. As such, reaching an efficient solution within Belgium's existing structures is an impossible task.

Alternative solutions

Belgium in its current form no longer works. So it is necessary to look for alternatives. This manifesto weighs up three alternatives to finally reach a conclusion. A thoughtful solution in which Belgian compromise triumphs.

Rigorous regionalisation

The compromise par excellence is the far-reaching regionalisation. All powers go to the federal states and only overarching elements such as defence, public debt and membership of supranational institutions remain federal.


Following people helped deliver and review the material, provided advice and/or endorsed the Manifesto.